About Us

Experienced in stairlift surveys and installation, we lead the way on price and service.

Stairlift Solutions started in Newton Aycliffe many years ago. Now Stairlift Solutions provide a complete Stairlift service throughout the North East.

Whilst we provide stairlift services, we are still very much a family business. We pride ourselves on being a company that offers that 'local feel' and as such, we are only as far away as a telephone call. You'll be impressed with how your enquiry is handled.


The founders and proprietor of Stairlift Solutions, ........... have set out to provide a service that is for all and where budget is a major consideration we supply and Install as well as service at costs which are affordable and efficient.


Many people when looking for a stairlift, sometimes called a chair lift, for themselves or someone they care about might start out not knowing anything about stairlifts and stairlifts suppliers, so they look for a stairlifts comparison website or chart like our company produces. A little research on the internet, like you are doing, is a wise investment of your time.


What to expect from Stairlift Solutions

Our aim is to discuss your needs with you initially - and arrange for a direct Stairlift Solutions installation - or to organise one (or more) quotes from, in our opinion, the best options for your home. We work exclusively in the stairlifts industry and know what the most suitable type of lift for you is, within your budget.


There are many factors involved - your location, the type of lift, new or reconditioned. There are also rental schemes available upon which we can advise you. You may even be entitled to a grant or funding from an unexpected source. We can support you through all of this in a jargon free and easy way, so that you end up with the right stairlift for you, at the right price.

Take the right step with an experienced guide to help you.

Pictures of stairlifts can give you a rough idea of how they might look in your own home, however most people want to know how much a stairlift costs? So call us today and let us help you with all questions you may have.

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